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  • Carrara Marble Kitchen

    Carrara Marble Kitchen

    This honed carrara marble kitchen was in need of restoration and polishing, due to etch marks.

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  • Marble bath restored

    Marble bath restored

    The small bathroom in this NYC apartment was professionally restored to look like new.

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  • Terrazzo Polishing and Seal

    Terrazzo Polishing and Seal

    We gave this terrazzo floor a clean, polished finish to compliment the modern, minimalist decor.

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  • Polished Concrete

    Polished Concrete

    There are many possibilities with concrete. This garage in Red Hook, NY was diamond polished to expose aggregate.

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  • Honed Finish Changed to Polished

    Honed Finish Changed to Polished

    See how we changed the look of these countertops and helped our clients avoid the hefty cost of replacing the…

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  • Marble Countertop Etch Removal

    Marble Countertop Etch Removal

    Acidic foods and drinks chemically reacted with the stone giving it an unsightly, rough texture. Find out how we restored…

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  • Dull Marble Floor Honed and Polished

    Dull Marble Floor Honed and Polished

    We transformed this dull marble floor with scratches from dogs and ground in dirt and grime to like new condition.

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