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Honed Finish Changed to Polished

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Homeowners in Woodstock, NY wanted to change the look of their countertops, but they wanted to avoid the cost of replacing the stone. They gave us a call to ask about their options.


We provided a free consultation and estimate, and after some discussion, our clients decided that we should change the finish of the countertops from a soft, satin honed finish to a high-gloss polished finish.

As we do on every job, we masked and protected the areas surrounding our work area before getting started. Once we were sure cabinetry, walls, appliances, and other surfaces were covered, we began the honing process. Rehoning the stone removed minor scratches and imperfections. Then we polished the countertop to the elegant finish you see in the images. Notice the mirror-like reflection of the light coming in the window. The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome.

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