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Terrazzo Polishing and Seal

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The owners of this Hudson Valley home were not pleased with the dull and drab appearance of their terrazzo floors due to the application of topical wax, or sealer. They wanted us to give the terrazzo a super-clean and polished finish to compliment the modern, minimalist decor.


We were able to achieve the exact look the homeowners wanted using the same honing and polishing processes that we use with our marble floor restoration projects. First, we stripped the coating and than,  by honing removed a thin upper layer of the terrazzo, virtually erasing the minor scratches and other damage that was causing the terrazzo to clash with the elegant decor. Polishing gave the terrazzo floor an exquisite, like-new finish. We finished with an application of impregnating sealer to inhibit stains.

The owners were very pleased with our work.

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